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christine bras kenmare
believe  in  the  magic  of  words

Christine has fifteen years experience in the greeting card industry and a lifetime in retail, these combined skills make The Card Shop a winner when it comes to choosing the perfect greeting card.


Have you ever struggled to get a specific card for your Father in law on Fathers Day or a Happy Birthday card for Nana, Gran, Grandma or Nanny even?  Which ever way you want to say it, Christine has made it possible for you to connect, inspire, love and laugh through the gift of giving a card.  

Christine continues to add new ranges, including a Celtic design range whose quality and design are really beautiful.


A new photographic black & white scene series from all over Ireland is also very special and is now available in the Card Shop.

cards   for   all   occasions

Christine has sourced an original and varied selection of cards for you to choose from. 

calendars ,  gifts   and   more

Christine also stocks a varied range of gifts from chocolates and sweet treats to calendars, bags and umbrellas. 


One of the latest additions is the Patrick Donald Calendar                                                      and Cards - a                                                          stunning range                                                             now available in                                                         The Card Shop.

patrick donald photographer
patrick donald photographer
eco chic london
eco chic bag
eco chic umbrella

Christine has sourced a new brand that is now available in The Card Shop.  Eco Chic's goal is to create products that will help you make little changes that add up in the fight against throw away culture... and they look great too!  Pop in to check them out.

perfect  gifts  for  a  sweet  tooth
skellig chocolates kenmare
zaeire chocolate kenmare
valrhona chocolate kenmare
hadji bey's turkish delight
wilkies chocolate, kenmare
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