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keeping  it  in  the  family

alain and christines kenmare

The shop was established first in 1905 when

Eugene Timothy O’Sullivan had a harness-making shop and sublet part of the shop to other traders.  Then his son, Daniel O’Sullivan (Eugene), carried on the harness making business and Christine's Mum, Joan O'Sullivan, added a grocery shop to it.


They had two counters opposite each other for many years until Danny ‘Eugene’ became ill and had to give the harness making up.  Joan then had the whole shop for groceries and toys - it was known fondly by all the

children in the community as ‘Eugenes sweet shop’. 

Joan & Danny O'Sullivan Eugene with daughter Kitty Tuohy when the shop was closed in late 1990's.

In May 2005 they opened the shop under the name of ‘Eugenes’ and ‘Vanilla Grape’ was the company name. It had been a dream of Christine's to have a card shop. Christine says it all began when her eyes were opened to the world of greeting cards.

"Since I lived and worked in Chicago, for four years

I discovered and fell in love with greeting cards."

Then returning home and working in Sean Daly & Co., Auctioneers

& Insurance Brokers for 20 years Christine decided to take the plunge back into the family trade! 

At first, they opened selling only greeting cards and then added the wine side to make a unique shop. 


"We had my Mother’s old counter which ran the full length of the shop, it was shortened gradually through the years to create more shop floor space". 


Alain was eager to have a boutique wine shop. Wine is his passion and he has worked in many parts of the wine industry but his biggest love is passing on his knowledge to all wine lovers and to source quality wines - from small yet passionate and knowledgeable wine growers from all over the world, concentrating mainly on European wines.  

alain and christine's kenmare
alain and christines kenmare

With the arrival of there son Oisin they became trio.  He accompanied them on many trips to winery's and vineyards throughout Europe, learning at a young age all about the family business.  The Wine Shop and The Card Shop have grown and developed alongside Oisin who is now a bright and musically talented 13 year old.

"What we want for the future is to connect with our customers, to provide them with the best products and to increase our ranges in both wine and cards".  

When you walk through the door at Alain and Christine's you are greeted with a genuine smile and a customer service that has stood

the test of time.

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